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Our mission is to help developers bring their new treatment or service to patients quickly and safely and to make sure that these are available for the patients who need them.

Maximise Value While Ensuring Compliance

We will ensure you run the optimum development and communications programme to maximise the clinical and commercial value of your product.

We will ensure compliance of the marketing and distribution of your product or service with appropriate advertising legislation and standards.

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Merlin Consulting Ltd helps clients achieve their goals by:

  • Ensuring that the correct development programmes are designed and implemented to ensure market authorisation and uptake
  • Creating a value proposition for payers to ensure market access and reimbursement
  • Managing the communications programme to ensure that external stakeholders understand the value of the client’s product
  • Building and developing relationships with key stakeholders to create product champions and drive early adoption of new treatments
  • Implementing ethical marketing practices and appropriate transparency in compliance with legislation and best codes of practice

Our Services

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Merlin Consulting Ltd

Merlin Consulting Ltd. is a private limited company
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