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e-consent or paper consent?

e-consent e-consent

Do you think e-consent is better than paper informed consent?

There has been active debate in recent months on the merits of electronic informed consent (e-consent) compared with the traditional paper-based consent with wet ink signature. Recent articles (e.g. Delente, E Appl Clinical Trials Online 2017 ) suggest that there are advantages for e-consent including improved understanding by patients. e-consent allows use of interactive media which may be very useful in explaining the study and its requirements to patients. In addition, updates and timely reconfirmation of informed consent is easier to obtain via e-consent vs. paper. The New England Journal of Medicine has recently published a multipart review of this important topic . However, many trial sponsors and healthcare organisations have not routinely adopted e-consent. My own view is that e-consent has the potential to offer greater benefits to patients and trial sponsors. What do you think?

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